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The following questionnaire is designed to gather necessary details and information to prepare the structure for your soon-to-be Corporation. Please fill it out as completely as possible to help us get started.

How This Works: 
1)     We will collect your answers to some key questions and use your answers to prepare your document. We may follow up with some additional questions. 
2)     If you aren’t already a Momentum client, we will check for any conflicts, and if there are none we will send you our client intake form and retainer agreement – all done online! 
(Please note that we require that new clients upload identification).
3)     We will send you our account for services and you can pay online. 
4)     We will send you the document and work with you on any changes you need to the document (reasonable changes are included in your initial fee!). We can schedule a call/video with you (and your team) to discuss the document and any questions you have. 
5)     If you have multiple people signing your document, we can help you by sending the document for e-signature. 
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What Comes Next:
1) We review your answers and follow up with any questions we have.
2) We will check to make sure that there is no client conflict, and if you aren't already a Momentum client, we will send you our client intake form & retainer agreement to complete.
3) We draft your document and send you our account for services.
4) We work with you to make changes, answer questions and provide any further advice needed on your form.
That's it - until you need us again!
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